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Thursday, October 26th, 2006
11:04 pm
Cuba 1
I went to Cuba recently and my views changed very much while I was there. My writing will be long and seperated into probably 10 sections of about 1,000 words each. I hope someone out there gets the chance to read and comment on my experiences. if anyone does happen to be reading this, contact me and I will be sure to post the following installments of my adventure stories.... PeAce...

(Cuba 1) Perceptions and Illusions

I will say it, I will yell it, and I will hold it dear until my last dying day on this earth: I am a Socialist, somewhere betwixt the poles of being an anarchist and a communist. I am a socialist forever! But, you may ask, why is it that you must identify yourself as such. Why place labels and why box yourself into an ideology which has been so abused in these modern times? Well, to begin, it is my beleif that the desire to be part of something bigger, eternal, holy, something that transcends the individual and aims to take charge of the future, is a fundamental characteristic in the psychology of modern wo/man. There is no greater fear than that of isolation, and this isolation is consolidated in that relative state which is called insanity. Insanity is relative in the sense that we are insane only insofar as we are incapable of conforming to the norms of our society. If we reject thier notion of God we are sacreligous. If we refuse to work thier machines we are vagrants. If we reject the market-driven identities they try and sublimate into us, we have no place in their society. While I am insane in the minds of many, these very minds are equally insane in mine. You who have allowed your nature, your id, your animalistic instinct to be replaced with the symbols and idelogioes of capital, you are the one who is insane, for indeed, you have been stripped of your animal character and alienated from nature entirely, and you are the one who is crazy. The shift into capitalism from the feudal mode of production can be blamed for this universal alienation (ie: collective insanity), argues Erich Fromm of the Frankfurt School. While capitalism freed us in many ways, breaking the caste chains of its predecessor, thus allowing for social mobility, and developing technology to the point where there is no longer any (humanistic) rationalization for material poverty, it also ripped us from our communal roots, bringing us to question our very existance and beleive that it is okay to work our whole lives for something with no real value. The history of the 20th century, I think, demonstrates very clearly the pathology that this alienation has led us to. Two world wars, a cold war, and two superpowers using all thier might to prevent the development of justice in the world, have tried to teach us that death is preferable to its negation. I am hesitant to say that I am an anti-capitalist, precisely because capitalism WAS an essential step towards the foundation of a society of peace and cultural/spiritual (psychological) prosperity. I feel that not to recognize this would be akin to denying death just becuase you life. Or that you prefer the sun to the waters of the earth. WHile capitalism, due to its neceissity for extreme greed and productivity, is the enemy of culture and solidarity; and while capitalism, due to its incessant need for expansion, is embodied in the war against social change and the destruction of nature; it is, at the same time, the foundation of the world of justice that humans, in all our 500,000 years on this planet, have never seen. While capitalism is its own gravedigger, the great piles of earth which it excavates are the mountainrange upon which socialism will prevail. I am socialist insofar as I recognize the individual and social insanity of capitalism, and, not denying that i am also victim to this madness, feel the need for an alternative so that I, nor my children, will have to live under the bombs of marketing and the marketing of violence and sex. When Fromm asserted that Marxism, in its adversity to idolatry and kinship to humanity, is the greatest religous movement in the last few hundred years, I began to see that the political nature of my marxism is only the tip of the iceburg. The cultural element is the ocean. But, you may challenge, Marxism is a materielist doctrine. As such, dont you have to see something to beleive it? To this, I react that Marxism is not a dogma, and any interpretaion of Marxist theory which places limitatinos or boundaries upon the mind, is profoundly anti-Marxist. If we can suspend our secular prejudices for a moment and agree that Marxism is a sort of religion, and further, that religion is rooted in faith--the belief in that which can not be proven--than I am free to beleive in Socialism although perhaps it has never truly trancended the minds of its idealists. That said, I do beleive that there exists a socialism on this third stone from the sun. And I am on my way there tomorrow. In my blog I will refer to this socialism as "Hope", because capitalism, or "The United States", is a great enemy of Hope. Hope is its greatest nightmare in fact. The idea that hope might spread throughout the peoples and cultures, mountains countrysides and cities of Pachamerica, (and then even the rest of the fourth world) would be the deathblow of empire and capitalism; that is, the onset of the fifth world. I dont like to take such black and white, heaven and hell stances on these matters, but the only way to prevent death is with life, and the only way to tame darkness is with light. And so, thanks to blockades and censors and other bad agents of the enemy of hope, I will refer to the place where i think there is Socialism as Hope, and to be fair, I will refer to the United States, again, the arch-enemy of hope, as Usary.

TO start I would admit that my conception of Hope is a frail one, as I have yet to feel her, smell her, dance with her and play her music with my own senses. That is, my understanding of hope is limited to letters and documentaries. but since Socialism is so central to my character, this means that there is a void somewhere in me, one that can be filled only by seeing what hope is like with my own eyes, nostrils, ears, tastebuds, hands, and even other senses that noone has been able to classify yet.

I hate to end this here, but I have to go and catch a plane to hope. I promise to continue as soon as possible!
Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
3:10 pm
Carnival of Socialism
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The Carnival of Socialists is begun! This Blog Carnival will highlight a few of the best examples of Socialist blog construction each fortnight.

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Monday, January 16th, 2006
12:04 am
hmm, this community is really dead.

and ive been looking over it a little. now, theres that long flame thread business, which is counter-productive, and then little else. theres a lot to debate around castro, especially in view of the new tide of leftism sweeping latin america. so we should try to get decent discussions going around this topic. ide preffer to avoid debate about left-right generaly, as theres plenty of communities for that.

all opinions should be outed, but "omg fucking commies rofl" is not an opinion. as a mod, im going to delete anything along those lines.

and just as a point of clarification, im not a supporter of fidel castro. i live in norway, i have no idea what he's up to. i hear rich people say what an ass he is, and i hear there's free healthcare and universal education in cuba. thats what im working with. but i'm opposed to the authority of the state so im highly skeptical towards any authoritarian, and part of the reason i joined this community was to learn more. i think that holds for a lot of people here, so can we move away from the being insulting and on to more serious debate?
Saturday, January 14th, 2006
2:35 pm
hey, if that happens again, dont reply to it, and it will be deleted asap. same goes for any spam, or nazis or moron conservatives who waste our time or whatever. i dont need my friends page cluttered any further
Sunday, September 25th, 2005
10:04 pm
Wasn't the point of this community to talk about Fidel Castro, and since that has only happened in one entry (and not a very talked about entry either mind you). Why don't we all have a true debate about our feelings on the man instead of just arguing with each other about ideology's (or how we think different people are stupid and such).

Current Mood: listless
Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
11:52 pm
OK, a short quiz for anybody who is of Cuban ancestry and hates Castro
1. If not Castro, would you rather have someone who resembles:

Rafael Trujillo Molina
Anastacio Somoza
Manuel Noriega
Fulgencio Batista
Lula da Silva
Hugo Chavez
Salvador Allende
Augusto Pinochet
Daniel Ortega
the Duvaliers (Papa and Baby Doc)
Juan Peron
Jose Figueres Ferrer

2. What do you think about, or how do you relate to Afro-Cubans and their traditions?

3. Do you think that Cuba should walk its own path rather than to stick with everything that the United States says?

4. Do you think that Cuba can achieve social change for its most impoverished without Communism?


Note: even though I may have started this community (a while back), I'm not necessarily pro-Castro (nor anti-, for that matter). Rather, I started this community simply because, well, there just wasn't a Castro discussion community here.

My stance: while I'm sure Castro isn't as egalitarian as he may sound these days (in fact, I think Chavez in caracas has done a better job within that arena), he *was* one of the few leaders in Latin America who had the balls to consistently voice their stalwart (although not necessarily progressive) opposition against U.S. policy towards the region. Back in the day, sure, he established a system that was beneficiary to those who had nothing under Batista (and he provided an example to other peoples who were in a similar state under the ancien regimes of that era). But now....well, while we still have Big Baby Bush to worry about, Castro has not shown enough flexibility to necessary change, which shows in the growing stagnation of the Cuban government (despite what even *he* may say).

Cuba, in a way, has become alot like a military fortress in Vietnam (I think that was featured in Apocalypse Now): Cuba may have established a system of defense against the U.S. forays into the region, but the war over the domination of this same area is now being won (gradually) by the New Left of the likes of Hugo Chavez and Lula da Silva. Thus, the catch lies in this: Cuba isn't moving forward along with the rest of Latin America, as if its caught in a time warp of the likes of the Soviet Bloc prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

This is why I fear for the Cuban people. If Castro is to stay in power, then, to the benefit of the people of Cuba, he has to make some desperate changes in order for his country to emerge into the world market and to keep Cuba from going downhill (socially speaking). If Castro and the CPC is to lose power (thus satisfying Miami and Washington), then, for the Cuban people and the disenfranchised among them who may result out of such a possibly-turbulent shift in the governance of the country, let the changes be gradual.

Otherwise, I'm certain, Cuba will turn into an American Belarus.

Thank You.
Friday, February 4th, 2005
11:06 am
Why doesn't anyone post here?
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